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As climate change intensifies, we must do everything possible to stop further environmental degradation while protecting our community from the negative externalities such as increased wildfires and intensified storms.

Having worked years in the energy and green energy sector, Dawn knows firsthand what it will take to go green and utilize renewable energies. With that experience, Dawn helped plan and develop the Topaz Solar Farm. As Supervisor, Dawn authored and passed a resolution with the Board of Supervisors recognizing the need for renewable wind power generation and clean energy infrastructure as long-term economic benefits to SLO County.

Dawn supports SLO's ban on oil extraction developments both offshore and on land. She oversees the decommissioning process of Diablo Canyon, California's last nuclear power plant, located in District 3. Dawn also supported the appointment of the new Coastal Commissioner and made introductions to key stakeholders.

Supervisor Ortiz-Legg was instrumental in the San Luis Obispo Groundwater Sustainability Plan, approved by the Board of Supervisors, which seeks to fund various water projects to help replenish the SLO water basin.

As we start to leave the pandemic behind us, we must take a holistic approach to the health of local families and communities. This includes open recreational spaces, accessible healthcare, and an affordable cost of living.

While serving as County Supervisor, Dawn has secured funding for renovations to Cave's Landing park, worked to expand the Bob Jones Trail, and added to the improvements at Avila Beach. Dawn suggested revisions to current vacation rental policies, recognizing the importance of tourism to SLO while maintaining a quality of life for SLO residents. She is working to create a stability and balance focused approach to vacation rentals.

Dawn has also prioritized mental health and wellness funding, directing funds to critical therapeutic services. While serving, Dawn helped establish the County of San Luis Obispo's first low-income detox center, which is located in District 3.

Dawn also reactivated the dormant SLO County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls with newly appointed leadership and a name change to include girls.

San Luis Obispo has a modern and robust economy with jobs in the aerospace, technology, agriculture, and healthcare sectors. As Supervisor, Dawn invested in creating and training for quality local jobs, such as supporting investments into the Aviation Technical program at Cuesta College.

Supervisor Ortiz-Legg continues to support San Luis Obispo County's local non-profits by issuing $40,550 in community grant funds. These funds help our local businesses with their various fundraisers, repairs, and restorations of iconic locations and enrich our community culturally. Recently, Dawn raised $40,000 for the SLO Food Bank.

To help address homelessness, Dawn facilitated numerous discussions on development for unhoused and vulnerable community members throughout her district, and worked with cities to help with the solution; like the current development of 20 new pallet homes for unhoused community members being built in Grover Beach.

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